Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

if you want to improve your English you have to speak

When I arrived at Australia, I was filled with self-confidence.I believed I didn’t need to go to a language school because I had been studying English for 2 years with native speakers (American, Canadian) and I thought that would be enough to live in this country. However it was really stupid thinking, it was just my own opinion.

On my first day in Sydney, in the airport I had already confirmed I was stupid.One of the officials in the airport asked me about something, after 3 repetitions I could finally understand what she meant.The question was “Do you like swimming?”.In the airplane I had written my occupation on my landing card as swimming instructor. It was just beginning.Many people couldn’t understand what I was saying and of course I couldn’t understand what they were saying either. although they and I were both speaking English!!!

I became afraid of going outside. I was disappointed in myself, because my expectations were big, my disappointment was big too. I started to look for a language school, Lloyds, Greenwich, La lingua, Ace etc. I had got a level test in almost all the famous language schools. But I didn’t want to learn grammar(of course it is very very very important to speak English). I needed more opportunities to speak English and someone who would fix my pronunciation and Mentor Education recommended J.E.C to me.

The system at J.E.C was proper to me, no, it was perfect for me, it was just the job. I have been able to get more opportunities to speak in English, they have fixed my pronunciation moreover they have taught useful expressions to me. And repetition makes me to be used to speaking English (Real English!).

I don’t think my English is perfect and I don’t think J.E.C’s system is perfect either. In J.E.C there are something that cannot satisfy me. First there aren’t various nationalities, it is about 80% Japanese 15% Korean 5% etc… I couldn’t get enough chance to speak with various nationalities. Secondly sometimes teachers used to only focus on the book. I wanted to get more open talking therefore I had to make that circumstance myself. Except for this it was perfect for me. The teachers are so kind and they answered my questions whenever I asked. English is a language, if you want to improve your English you have to speak. Even if it is grammatically wrong.

J.E.C just provides you more opportunities to speak rather than other schools but that’s not enough, you must make more and more chances in any circumstance. If you want to speak real English J.E.C would be a smart choice but, don’t be satisfied with smart choice, make it a perfect choice. Finally, appreciate your teaching and advice (Mark, Steve, Lisa, Mina, Anastasia, David, Chris, Charlotte, Sam, Ben, Vicky, Larissa, Lizzie, Kathy, John)

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