Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

We won’t be able to fix our pronunciation if no one points to us

When I first arrived in Australia, I had an extremely fun time and enjoyed talking in English. I was talking like crazy with no hesitation whatsoever. I had a chance to participate in the lesson of Callan Method which gave me a shock. If I hadn’t studied with the Callan Method I would never have been able to tell the subtle differences in pronunciation in my life, these would probably be difficult to realize later on.

In classes, the teachers fixed my pronunciation problems which I had known about already. But they also helped me to fix the problems that I did not know that I had. For example, the difference between ‘rice’ and ‘lice’, even if I am not quite perfect now, at least I am more careful and aware.

In the Callan Method all pronunciation is emphasised I was surprised and could clearly understand where I was going wrong. I feel more confident with my speaking because the teachers worked so hard with me making me realise my mistakes.

Not only that. At first I did not catch the teacher’s question because the native teacher’s speaking was too quick. Later, I had many times had to check what was really said and it was easy to see in writing in the text, but a couple of weeks went by; I could catch and understood all questions asked quickly. I could actually tell the increase in my hearing skill. I enjoy the lesson every day. My negative feelings and rejection of studying English I always had back in South Korea for more than 20 years was gone after few weeks studying in JEC.

I used be a student who had no concentration and would always think about something else. The course was the only one made me stay awake during 50 minutes of class time. In the Callan Method if you lose concentration for few seconds you will be attacked by a quick question immediately by native teachers. ^ ^;

It is my big hope for everyone who comes abroad to study English, should study in proper course. I strongly recommend them to study at JEC. I would like them to experience what I gained within few weeks. We won’t be able to fix our pronunciation if no one points to us.

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