Today's Callan

Let oneself go

Meaning:Relax and enjoy oneself


Eat, drink and be merry, Christmas comes but once a year, so let yourself go.

The evening was really a great success, everyone let themselves go.

I love to dance and just let myself go. Let yourself go, John. Learn to enjoy.

When I was depressed, I let myself go and was really a mess.

Conversation 1
Guy finds his friend alone in the kitchen at a party

A: Hi, what are you doing in here?
B: Oh, I’m not really in the mood for a party.
A: Why not? This is a great party.
B: I know, but I just broke up with my girlfriend last week so I’m feeling a little down.
A: Don’t be stupid, you have to get over her.
B: I know
A: there are lots of cute girls here at the party, let yourself go, have a good time and you might meet someone else or at least have fun trying, remember there are plenty more fish in the sea.
A: Ok, I’ll try

Conversation 2
Girl to her friend

A: Hi are you going to come out with us tonight.
B: No, I don’t think so.
A: Why not, you never come out.
B: I just don’t really feel like it.
A: Come on, let yourself go, you might enjoy yourself. Don’t be so shy
B: Alright then, I’ll come out tonight.

Conversation 3
Opposite negative meaning

A: Have you seen Kate recently?
B: Yes, I saw her yesterday, why?
A: I hadn’t seen her for weeks and I saw her today and didn’t recognise her.
B: Yes, she has put on some weight.
A: Some? You mean a lot, she has totally let herself go, she used to be so pretty, but now she looks terrible, what happened to her?
B: I don’t know, maybe you should talk to her.
A: I will.

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