Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

Very friendly and welcoming.

I have heard the name of “Callan Method” but I had no chance to know the content of it.
In fact, it was my first time to meet Callan method in my 10 years-history of English studies. When I participated in the trial lesson, I could not ride on the wave of the lesson and got lost in a way, but this way of teaching I first experienced comes deep in my mind and decided to take classes at here in JEC.

The class takes only 3 hours a day, but it requires serious concentration, and I can gain the feeling of achievement after the intense 3 hours. Furthermore, we repeat same content over and over, and this makes me nothing but confident in answering in English. Moreover, teacher does not enunciate for international students, so I can become accustomed to “real English”; I could feel my utmost improvement of listening outside the classroom.

The most thankful aspect for JEC is that I could make my pronunciation crystal clear, which was my weakest point, and the teachers corrected my pronunciation repeatedly. The school is not that big compared to those mammoth schools of which you may give some names, but the school and the staffs are very friendly and welcoming.

I could only be there for a month, but it was worthwhile. If I had a chance to come to Australia, I will surely go for it again. I still remember the days at JEC and appreciate for the help of everyone there.

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