Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

I convinced the change in my linguistic way of thinking

Since I was in Sydney, I knew that I have been in an environment to expose myself to English. However, I was struggling with the process of thinking in Japanese first and then constructing an English structure next. There was no easy way out, but I found an advertisement of JEC, and that rings my bell.

After having learned English at JEC for two weeks, I could easily feel that I became better at listening. Even a month later, I could hear other people saying that my pronunciation is good, and more importantly, I started to receive the compliments of “my English is good.”
After while, I was aware of the fact that I no longer did the translating process mentioned above. I convinced the change in my linguistic way of thinking from Japanese to English.
You will be taught by a different teacher every hour and every teacher I met taught me passionately, carefully, and humorously. I had no doubt that the pedagogy of it was absolutely innovative.
Unlike all the positive points I mentioned above, how to acquire all the English skills and how and what to apply them to the life depend on me.
I believe I am making my best efforts, but I am looking forward to seeing more progression in me and for the rest of one and half months, I will make more efforts to become better.

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