Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

You better take it!

It is inevitable for everyone to confront with the feeling of inability of speaking English. In fact, when I was at a language institution, my teacher told me “I cannot understand your Japanese English.” Since then, I had had an inferiority complex in English. At the time I was inferior for English, I found JEC and had a bite of the class, but still I was wondering if I could be any better by taking classes at JEC.

I actually took some trial lessons at some other institutions, and this experience made me aware of the fact that there is no other school like JEC which provides many opportunities to speak in English as well as to correct pronunciations. At present, I am simply satisfied with what JEC has done for me. It might be too early to determine how good I can be with JEC because it has not been so long since I started to take classes at JEC; however, I am telling and convincing myself that with JEC, I can give myself innovation of learning communicative English and superior pronunciation. Once you take classes at JEC, you cannot avoid saying “JEC is it!!!” which I think is common feelings for the students at JEC. You better take it!

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