Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

small numbers of students and opportunities to speak with teacher

By learning at JEC, what made me surprised at first was improvement of my listening ability. Simultaneously, I studied TOEIC and took the test, and then I was sunned by my scores on TOEIC; the best score that I have ever had in my life. With small numbers of students and opportunities to speak directly with teacher with its mother tongue, I could feel all students were passionately attempting to learn English and respond to teachers as the teachers were powerfully and impressively speaking to the students.

The environment of the class is bright and stylish. Particular point that I liked was that when I looked at outside from the window, I could see the roof of QVB, which always made me think the class is very stylish. It is hardly possible to speak like native English speakers, but I could easily be exposed to English at JEC. I could speak English more than anywhere else and, as a result,

I could naturally learn respond what I am supposed to say in any situation. Another point I loved was that teachers are different at each class. Every teacher here is very cheerful and respectful, and they led me to having accurate pronunciation. Clear statement with fascinating gesture and rhythm; you can find this only at JEC. I had a really fun at JEC, and I am planning on coming back to Sydney in order to take some more classes at JEC!

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