Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

It really is great to have the confidence and result of the lesson

With the 2nd Year Working Holiday Visa and through some thoughts on learning English, I have come the decision of focusing on speaking ability; thus, I decided to take a trail lesson at JEC.

At first, I was shocked at how different is to learn at JEC from other language institutions. However, the difference made my learning so effective that I could easily hear what the native English speakers speak very easily by implementing accurate pronunciation in my ears. I am convinced that at JEC students can improve the English ability of not only speaking but also listening.

In recent, a British friend of mine who used to work together at farm for fruit picking visited me in Sydney, and he was amazed by my English improvement because I could understand what he was saying in the conversation even though he was speaking as if he were speaking in English to his native English friends. Actually, I was the one who was surprised at most with such a short term of lessons at JEC. It really is great to have the confidence and result of the lessons at JEC.

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