Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

The class is always filled with full of enjoyment and good rhythms

By having stayed in Australia for 10 months, I made friends from overseas and am currently working as a waitress at a restaurant. Only concern that I have for staying in Australia is that despite of 10 month of staying in Australia, I did not learn much of English.

In fact, all I can do with English is simple conversation with colloquial grammar and pronunciation, and I frequently encountered with the situation which I cannot express myself, and I wanted to correct my English in better way. Then one day I tried on the trial lesson at JEC, and I intuitively felt that this is the course I have been looking for in Australia. The class is always filled with full of enjoyment and good rhythms, and most importantly, the class focus on pronunciation correction at most. Sometimes, I felt little strict and hard in the class, yet I know the concept of the more strict the class is, the better English I can achieve.

Unfortunately, I will go back to Japan for good and am limited to be taking the course at JEC for 5 weeks (I would have taken more lessons if I had know JEC earlier!). I still have my time left here, and I am pushing myself hard at JEC to bring English home with confidence.

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