Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

I’ll be able to have native English speakers comment on my English

Since I arrived in Australia, time has quickly passed by and I have been used to life here with my friends around the world and have had more chances to speak with native English speakers along with the time here in Australia. Because number of the chances has increased, I have to confront with huge wall standing right in front of me, the pronunciation.

I thought I could communicate in English with no problem; nevertheless, for the native speakers of English, my English is not as good as I thought I could communicate. Then I started searching for schools with the purpose of correcting my pronunciation, and I found JEC. I instantly participated in the class, and the teacher spoke to me with unexpected speed and volume of English.

I felt as if the teacher was speaking more than the teacher usually speaks with native English speakers, but I concentrate on the teacher’s lesson. Once I had become accustomed to the speed, it became the standard listening speed of mine. Furthermore, when speaking, man to man situation is settled always and correction is instantly made at each moment.

As settling myself in JEC, I convince myself that my English became much better before. The repetition works so great that it habituarizes real English to me naturally and dynamically. With JEC, soon I will be able to have native English speakers comment on my English, ”Excellent Pronunciation!!!!

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