Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

I heard that JEC offered speaking-oriented teaching

At the point of three month since I came to Australia, I was happy to feel that I became accustomed to the life style here; however, I felt not accustomed to learning English as much. In a language school, I learned English with grammar-oriented teaching so that it took while to communicate with others, especially in oral communication.

When I was discouraged of my speaking ability, I heard that JEC offered speaking-oriented teaching, effective for the students who would like to enhance one’s speaking ability, and I enrolled in the school immediately. Before enrolling in JEC, I had also heard that the teachers in JEC speak English with the way that they speak normally with other native English speakers; in fact, everything is different here and I have been facing the challenges. Many aspects of my English have been corrected. For example, I thought that the use of the articles “a” and “the” and pronunciation of “R” and “L” worked okay outside but not here at JEC.

I thought the reason for inability to communicate with other speakers of English is due to my dialect, but now I am ashamed of the way which I thought before coming to JEC. Even though I have not been at JEC for long, I feel cautious of the articles and the pronunciation whenever I speak English, and by then a lot of people provide compliment on my English. I appreciate for JEC to make me aware of how fun and deep it is to learn English、and with the perspective provided by JEC, I am looking forward to speaking English fluently like native English speakers.

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