Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

the program was going to be effective in helping me

Although I have been studying here for just three weeks, I am going to honestly explain about the environment I am in, the staff, teachers and how I feel so far. When I arrived for the first time at the offices which compose the JET school,

I was wondering if the program was going to be effective in helping me with my English skills. But after several days I was sure that this school would help me improve my English and was determined to try as much as possible.

The environment they provide is the best opportunity I have ever had to improve my English skills. You can talk to the staff about whatever you want to. If there is a problem they will try to solve it for you. The teachers are patient, friendly witty and helpful. The content of the class is interesting, practical and informative. There is much more to say if I had time. If you want to improve your English, I highly recommend this school to you.

Mr Shin Takemura

TOEIC Public Test Centre

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