Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

I am foreseeing that I will score over 900 on TOEIC

JEC Higher Career Course

I have been on leave from my studies at university and had been in Fiji to study English, particularly for TOEIC for 5 months. From these studies, I was fairly confident for TOEIC, but I was aware of the fact that I was weaker at the listening section than the reading section. I was struggling to find a way to bring up my listening ability, and I found the Callan Method and JEC to be the solution for this.

The main reason why I chose JEC was that I was not completely attracted to the General English courses I had seen as they had made me feel “slow” in learning English. Moreover, in the Callan Method, while focusing on increasing my speaking ability, I could increase all the other English skills by the way they are integrated together. This might be exaggerating a bit, but I want to say that as for the pronunciation correction and the increase in speaking ability, JEC is the best language school to choose among all the schools in Australia. I can further tell that if you feel that something is lacking in your English, this school can offer the opportunity for you to find your way and provide the changes to your English life in a positive way.

I can say that my English life has changed dramatically. The 2 week TOEIC course at JEC starts just two weeks before the actual TOEIC test, so it was very proper for me to neatly organize my study toward the day of the TOEIC. Honestly speaking, I do not believe there is such a magic course existing to deliver such perfectly suitable tips for students to significantly affect their score. The TOEIC course at JEC gave me some special insights; two mock tests, a lot of assignments, and skills for self-study, and the special tips for the TOEIC from Sam, the great teacher who teaches the Callan Method course as well. With all these aspects, I believe that this course is very effective for one to study for TOEIC.

I am foreseeing that I will score over 900 on TOEIC by fostering my listening ability with the Callan Method as well as my reading ability with the TOEIC course. You can do so as well at JET English College!!

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