Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

This 2 weeks of TOEIC course really paid off

I have taken the TOEIC exam quite few times in the past. I have not studied for it seriously, other than having just done some of the past exams as a practice, but I had thought that I should put myself in the proper course to achieve a higher mark on TOEIC.

This 2 weeks of TOEIC course really paid off. In the class, I can learn how to tackle on a question from different perspectives and the teacher explained us the tips part by part.

At the same time, the teacher taught us how to understand each grammatical structure in each question and how to build more vocabulary lists for TOEIC, so I could say that this course has inspired me to keep studying English in the future. I would like to appreciate for the teacher and proudly state that this course is very effective for the TOEIC learners to study English in the future.

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