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Get One Down

make one tired and unhappy

discourage or depress someone

Don’t bring me down
Don’t let things get you down.

He had to stop work, because the problems and difficulties of the job got him down after a time

Day after day of rain really gets me down

Conversation 1

A: Are you still looking for a job?
B: Yes, it has been two months now, and still no luck.
A: That’s really bad, you must be worried.
B: Yes, it’s really starting to get me down, it feels like I’ll never find anything.
A: Something will come up, you’ll see

Conversation 2
A: Hey, what are you doing?
B: I’m just thinking about my family.
A: Why, is something wrong?
B: Not really, but so much is happening and it gets me down that I can’t be there to share it with them.
A: Well you knew it would be like that when you came to Australia.
B: Yeah, but I just feel homesick sometimes.

(Callan book5, Stage 9 826p)

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