Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

I miss this course already!! *Medical English

My first impression on this Medical English course was “too difficult!!”

There is a huge gap between General English and Medical English. For example, medical terminology is way too difficult to remember than the regular vocabulary I learned in General English…

Obviously, it was tough at the first point, but I was getting used to the class, and then I became capable of telling the teacher what I had wanted to say in English.

The contents of the class covered various topics including physiological anatomy and pathology, handovers with medical staff, and communication with patients.

Sometimes, I requested what we, students, wanted to learn in the class room, and then the teacher always tried to implement our request into the class, so I should say that this course made me feel satisfied!

Also, when our conversation got heated, we did not follow too strict on what we had planned but rather tried to argue more on what we became interested in the classroom. Moreover, it was interesting that the teacher sometimes showed me some useful medical descriptions and explanations on the internet.

In doing these activities in the class, the time passed so quickly that I forgot about why I had been worried at the first point. I guess my interest overwhelmed my worries and the teacher made me do it that way!

Now that my course has finished, I feel so glad that I have taken this course. I am thankful for the teacher that taught me well and I miss this course already!!

If you are reading my story and thinking about learning practical Medical English, I recommend that this course is it!

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