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在台湾大部分的学生学习英文,都会注重语法和读写,听说往往是大家的弱点.所以一般的英文课程中,似乎不容易加强此方面的能力.之前我从来没听过CALLAN METHOD这种教学方式,在试听后,了解这种方式正是我所需要的,所以决定选择JEC.
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很想在当地的咖啡厅找份工作,可是对自己的口语和听力很没自信。后来知道JEC有专门的Hospitality(餐饮服务业)的课程,而且还是用 CALLAN METHOD(凯伦教学法)授课,整个课程实用简单,就报名过来上课了。
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My pronunciation mistakes are corrected instantly when I make them

I was doing General English at another school, but I felt I could not improve my speaking and listening skills as much as I wanted. So I came to JET English and my English is much better now because of these three reasons:
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It was very interesting to attend the classes.

Even in the first lesson you will see that this is a very different way of learning English than the boring school English.
If you don’t like learning grammar but want to have a funny class with great teachers then try a class here.
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I convinced the change in my linguistic way of thinking

Since I was in Sydney, I knew that I have been in an environment to expose myself to English. However, I was struggling with the process of thinking in Japanese first and then constructing an English structure next. There was no easy way out, but I found an advertisement of JEC, and that rings my bell.
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Very friendly and welcoming.

I have heard the name of “Callan Method” but I had no chance to know the content of it.
In fact, it was my first time to meet Callan method in my 10 years-history of English studies. When I participated in the trial lesson, I could not ride on the wave of the lesson and got lost in a way, but this way of teaching I first experienced comes deep in my mind and decided to take classes at here in JEC.
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Thank JEC for making myself an Australian naturally.

I think My English has been somewhat improved since I started to attend to JEC. Even though I felt the tuition is not reasonable, it is valuable and worth taking classes once you achieve somewhat level of English; all you need is motivation. I would recommend this institution if you have not decided to go a particular language school.
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You better take it!

It is inevitable for everyone to confront with the feeling of inability of speaking English. In fact, when I was at a language institution, my teacher told me “I cannot understand your Japanese English.” Since then, I had had an inferiority complex in English. At the time I was inferior for English, I found JEC and had a bite of the class, but still I was wondering if I could be any better by taking classes at JEC.
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small numbers of students and opportunities to speak with teacher

By learning at JEC, what made me surprised at first was improvement of my listening ability. Simultaneously, I studied TOEIC and took the test, and then I was sunned by my scores on TOEIC; the best score that I have ever had in my life. With small numbers of students and opportunities to speak directly with teacher with its mother tongue, I could feel all students were passionately attempting to learn English and respond to teachers as the teachers were powerfully and impressively speaking to the students.
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I could, thus, pronounce better and feel the intensity of the class

I attended to one of the major school in Australia, and I have had a big question holding in my mind since then: Why are there no correction of conversation among students and why do they do activities that can be done after school?
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