Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

Callan Method knocked out my difficulties studying

Before coming to Australia, I thought I was going to find local jobs upon arrival. I thought it was the smart idea and a quick way of learning English while earning money. I went out with friends from various countries where English is spoken. I even had some confidence speaking English before. However, it did not take a long to break my confidence.

When I arrived in Sydney I had to come through Immigration at the airport. I did not understand what they said to me, even basic questions. No answers came after all. I thought my English was so miserable and it disappointed me badly.

In hindsight, all of my foreign friends in Korea tried to keep me understanding the conversation by speaking slower and using easier words.

Later, I went to visit a lot of English schools in Sydney. I chose JEC from many schools. The Callan Method is focused on speaking and listening. I was perplexed in the beginning answering questions asked at a fast-speed by native teachers in one on one situation. I made an excellent choice in choosing an effective English school. I am not the type of a person who can concentrate on studying, but Callan Method teachers kept me in class, full of concentration all the time. After 3 months of studying, I am looking forward to getting a job locally and earning money as I wanted

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