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如果你有以下情况,来参加JEC为期2周的 TOEIC 密集班吧!
参加过TOEIC 的考试,可是成绩很不理想
What's TOEIC?
托业(Test of English for International Communication)简称为:TOEIC。是针对英语非母语人士所设计的英语能力测验。与以升学为目标的雅思和托福不同,测验成绩反映受测者在国际职场环境中,与他人透过英语沟通的熟悉程度。尤其在亚洲企业中认知度最高的英语能力测试。测验内容以日常使用的英语为主,是以职业环境为基准的英语能力测验,在实际的企业中应用于入职,升迁,海外派遣等,有“商业托福”之称。
characteristics of the TOEIC course
Callan Method & TOEIC Intensive
通过CALLAN METHOD课程彻底的提高英语听力,再参加TOEIC密集班短时间内有效并快速的进行英语强化,从而达到理想的成绩。本课程的担当持有TESOL资格证,并在美国有丰富的针对于亚洲学生的教学经验,整个课程也是本着对亚洲学生的充分理解而制定的。在这里任教的澳籍教师也会特别注重很多学生听力不好的劣势,帮助学生很快提高英语听力。
TOEIC Public Test Centre
JEC是TOEIC的官方测试中心。官方测试有两种:一种是公开考试(社会考生),另一种是团体考试(企业/机构)。公开考试是TOEIC 官方委员会制定考试日程并接受社会考生。团体考试是由测试中心根据团体(企业/机构)的需求制定考试日程。 JEC 是官方认定的公开测试中心,所以外界的社会考生也可以来报名参加考试。考生最后取得的资格证书也是由TOEIC官方委员会(ETS)颁发的官方认定资格证书。TOEIC的官方认定测试中心在NSW州有6所,在city 近郊有5所。How to get this centre:
JET English College does not have any parking facilities but street parking is available in the CBD.
JET English Collee is easily reached by bus or by train.

Public testing centre web page >>

Please contact the following email addresses if you have any problems organising a test: toeic@pro-match.com

Please book early to ensure your place

course contents

课程安排: 2周(周一至周四,2个小时/天, 18:00-20:00)

Day 1 First Mock Test (Pre-Assessment)
Day 2 – 4 * Description of the TOEIC
* Skimming (speculating and retrieving essential information)
* How to use the test time wisely
* Scanning (retrieving key words)
* Answering a particular type of question “NOT”
* Part of speech
* Useful conjunctions and subordinators
* Trivia for the listening section
Day 5 Second Mock Test (Middle Assessment)
Day 6 – 7 * Gerunds and infinitives
* Pronouns
* Charts and graphs (applied scanning)
Day 8 * Strategies for all the sections
* Overall discussion for the practices
* Orientation for the real TOEIC Public Test

How much is the Public TOEIC test?

The Official Score Report ONLY AUD 180
Includes the following:
・Fees for a TOEIC Public Test
・Official score report with photo
The Official Score Report and Certificate of Achievement AUD 210
Includes the following
・Fees for a TOEIC Public Test
・Official score report with photo
・Certificate of Achievement
TOEIC tests at Jet English College will be held and administered by MIT Institute.
Please also note that our 2 weeks Intensive TOEIC course will no longer be available.
The test schedules and other test information can be found at their website. If you want to book a test or see more details, please click here for further information.

toeic 公开考试 预约 报名请点击这里

TOEIC Public Test Centre

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