What is the Callan Method

CALLAN MATHOD(凯伦教学)作为一种优秀的英语教学法现在已经风靡全世界。位于英国伦敦的CALLAN MATHOD学校首创于1960年,现今是欧洲最大规模的一所私立语言学校。经过剑桥英语的专业鉴定,此学习方法与普通英语的学习方法相比较,只需用1/4的时间就可以到95%的及格率,被公认为一种极其有效的学习方法。

CALLAN METHOD就是通过用英语进行理解再用英语反应的反复练习方法,让学生像运用母语一样进行会话。此方法更加强化学生的语法和发音。








Callan Method & SLT Combination debut at JET English College!

Imagine you are here in Australia and experiencing finding share accommodation, asking for directions, going to parties, making friends and many other things! But… can you imagine yourself doing it in English? Are you giving up the chance of doing any activities in English by giving yourself excuses like “I just arrived in Australia…” or “I’m not good enough at English”? Whatever your excuse, we believe that deep inside, you know that you want to speak in English.

Forget about boring textbook lessons! Reading textbooks is just a useless way to study! Why don’t you start studying English with the Callan Method? This method is 4 times more effective than other general teaching methods! You can definitely improve your speaking and listening skills, your pronunciation will be corrected and you can learn to speak English accurately. And guess what? Now that you have improved your skills with the Callan Method, you can now use them in the classroom with our new lessons. This “Callan Method” + “SLT” (our newly implemented method) is the ideal combination that JET English College proposes for you to be able to improve your English at maximum speed!

<Sample Timetable> *Other timetables are also available

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 Callan Revision Callan Revision Callan Revision Callan Revision Callan Revision
2 Callan New work Callan New work Callan New work Callan New work Callan New work
3 SLT(Greetings) SLT(Asking or giving Directions) SLT(Opening a bank account) SLT(Shopping) SLT(looking for a share house)

1) Review what you have learned in the previous lessons. (Revision)
2) Optimize your speaking skills in everyday learning. (New Work)
3) Use your English in practical ways. (SLT)

With this combination of lessons, we can provide you with the best environment for students who purely want to speak English and optimize their results.

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