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couldn’t care less

if is of no important to [me]; it does not worry [me]

could care less [Mainly used in America]
don’t give a tinker’s damn
(I don’t give a tinker’s damn about your opinions, I’m doing it my way.)
don’t give a tinker’s cuss
(I don’t give a tinker’s cuss about your opinions, I’m doing it my way.)

She has lost her job, but she says she couldn’t care less, as she can easily find another.

I couldn’t care less about the editor’s opinion.

To be honest, I couldn’t care less about who becomes our next president.

Conversation 1
A: Hey, you better hurry or you’re going to be late for work.
B: I couldn’t care less, I’m going to quit today, so it doesn’t matter if I am late.
A: Ok, if you say so.

Conversation 2
(In an argument)
A: You aren’t listening to what I’m saying.
B: Look, I couldn’t care lesswhat you have to say, I have told you what I think, you can take it or leave it.
A: But what about…
B: No buts, my decision is final, you can’t change my mind.

Conversation 3
(Girl and guy out shopping)
Girl: Do you like these shoes?
Guy: Yeah, they’re ok. Can we go now?
Girl: How about these ones?
Guy: Yeah they’re good too. Come on.
Girl: But which do you prefer?
Guy: Look, I couldn’t really care less, choose which ones you want, but will you hurry up or we are going to miss the train.
Girl: You’re a great help!!!!! Why do I hang out with you?

Conversation 4
(Girl and guy at home.)
Guy: I don’t want to sit at home tonight, let’s go out somewhere.
Girl: Ok, where do you want to go?
Guy: I couldn’t care less, I just don’t want to sit here all night, come on, we’ll decide on the way.
Girl: Ok, I’ll get ready, I won’t be long.

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