Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

I am smooched with this method

I have been, for long, looking for a language institution with concentrating dramatically on speaking due to lack of my improvement in speaking, particularly pronunciation. During the time I was in the search, I was lucky enough to find that JEC was launched, and then I had a trial which convinced me that this is the school for which I have been searching.

The class at JEC went by as fast as the native English speaks. Even though the speed of class is little overwhelming, my inspiration tells me that I can improve my speaking English with this class. Actually, before taking the class, I honestly doubt of how effective this would work, yet obviously, I am smooched with this method. There is no way out when taking a class, so the students need massive amount of concentration, but this is the reason why this pedagogy is so attractive. I strongly recommend JEC for the students who would like to improve their speaking ability in a short length of time.

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