Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

It’s very helpful for the teachers to point out my pronunciation

First of all, I would recommend someone who wants to study English at JET English College to take a trial lesson because of the different style of lesson between English schools in Korea and JET English.

While I’ve been studying English at JET English school for three months, I’ve tried to correct my pronunciation more than anything else. It’s very helpful for the teachers at JET English to point out my pronunciation every time I was wrong. Also, it’s good to try to see how they say it and to imitate the lips of teachers. After three months, it’s not enough to pronounce every word exactly but I’ve been corrected a lot and understand the difference among words such as [l], [r], [v], [f], [w] etc.^^

I believe that if you study hard at JET English school, you can improve to the English level that you want and I like the fact that there are lots of teachers who have many different experiences and backgrounds. They are awesome.

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