Student Testimonials

I am confident in speaking English more and more!

We repeat and review the same sentences many times, so I am getting to know the English sentences that I did not understand at the first time. ( Read more.. )

My pronunciation is way better than before.

My pronunciation is way better than before because my weak pronunciations are corrected instantly in each class with the Callan method. ( Read more.. )

It is very fun to learn English in this way!

I am learning English in a very different way that I have learnt in the past! It is very fun to learn English in this way! ( Read more.. )

I am really happy and have fun taking the classes.

When I first attended JEC, I was not totally sure what the teachers were saying.
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JET English College was fantastic!

JET English College was fantastic! ( Read more.. )

my score was increased by more than 100 points

I felt the examination was much easier than I expected, because we had prepared for the exam by working out much more difficult problems during the 2 week TOEIC course. ( Read more.. )

so happy to have got a “B” for all the subjects in a single sitting!

I am so happy to have got a “B” for all the subjects in a single sitting! I would not have made it before my graduation from Uni if I had not decided to take this course. Thank you very much, JET English College!!
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This 2 weeks of TOEIC course really paid off

I have taken the TOEIC exam quite few times in the past. I have not studied for it seriously, other than having just done some of the past exams as a practice, but I had thought that I should put myself in the proper course to achieve a higher mark on TOEIC.
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I am foreseeing that I will score over 900 on TOEIC

JEC Higher Career Course

I have been on leave from my studies at university and had been in Fiji to study English, particularly for TOEIC for 5 months. From these studies, I was fairly confident for TOEIC, but I was aware of the fact that I was weaker at the listening section than the reading section. I was struggling to find a way to bring up my listening ability, and I found the Callan Method and JEC to be the solution for this. ( Read more.. )

It’s a good atmosphere for learning English and to meet new people

Hi, I’m Romaine and I’m French. I found JET English College by accident! I took lessons in the Callan Method and also the TOEIC preparation course to help me get through the exam.
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